Eric de la Noue
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Domain Names

If domain names were understood and managed like real estate titles, most small businesses would realize that their web services provider committed fraud selling their own domain to them. This, because in the majority of cases the ownership title was made in the name of the provider, NOT of the business. It’s as if your civil-law notary put the deed of your house to his name.

For small and medium businesses, domain name issues are generally left to their website developer. Things remain that way until the company clashes with the provider, for whatever reason, and tries to hand over control of the site to another provider. And then comes the surprise: on paper and in the eyes of the law, their web address is owned by the original developer or service provider. To get the domain back, they must then either call their attorney or give in to blackmail.

In the... domain since 1997, I can assure you that the above scenario is the principal problem I’ve seen. In some cases, careers can be at stake, if not the company’s survival.

On your behalf, I can take care of all your domain name management issues, making sure that your legal rights are respected. And, if you were to need to change web providers, the change would not be affected by domain name issues, because the latter would remain carefully looked after and protected – by yours truly.

Ask your website developer to give you a copy of your domain name’s ownership title. Assuming he complies, check the «Registrant» field.

That’s why my customers choose to entrust me with the management of their domains.


Working from Quebec City, I’ve been designing websites since 1997. If needed, I also maintain them, including some that may have been created by others.

My trademark? Fortune 500 results on a small business budget. It’s made possible by the fact that I am neither designer, programmer, marketer or trainer but rather all four. I manage it with a book of matches, a cotton swab, a bullet and a mouse, all of it to get the cheese, this yield the website must generate for your company.

A book of matches to create a spark. A cotton swab to project the illusion of perfection. One bullet, because you’re on a budget and that each shot must hit its target. A mouse, the tool and symbol. Because the world has changed and that profits are a bit like the cheese of Spencer Johnson: we must find new ways to get it – or, rather, them – or change our concept of the cheese altogether.

Furthermore, since the beginning of the decade, the World Wide Web has been radically transformed by the arrival of tablets and so-called «smart» phones. It’s what we call «Web 2.0». In the province of Quebec, the phenomenon has been prominent for a little over two years and many small and midsize businesses have yet to find a solution to the problem: what to do with visitors using tablets or mobiles? On those mediums, the very same individual behaves differently than on his desktop or laptop.

When it comes to website development, the 2.0 Web – change - is driving out a whole of the industry a whole segment of designers. Until recently, a print-trained graphic designer could create a website, beautiful and reliable. It’s becoming less and less possible. 2.0 sites, fluid and mobile, must often be hand-coded and their development costs can send your budget in flames. Knowing how to code... flexible since my beginnings, I do not see this change as a problem and, here, you have another key to the way I work: I spend 10% of my time on identifying the problem and 90% of it on the solution.

Tech Consultant

Before all, I’m the one people consult before making any decision on tech-related issues.

Even if it’s simpler to present myself like one or the other, because some may feel the need to place us in a box, I’m neither a designer, a programmer, a marketer or a trainer but rather am all four. Furthermore, I understand the importance of the revenue model. Whatever the nature of the tech service, it only exists to serve the company’s revenue model.

You have before you a unique animal: my skills allow me to synthesize the added value of whichever tech service and establish if it is pertinent or not for your business. Hence, for some customers, I’ve been asked to comb through all of the IT proposals submitted by others. Over time, I took over the role of bridge, interpreter and deflector between deciders and seekers.